We have very few spaces available for the Fall, call today.


Welcome to Stonewall Day Care Center!

Our goal is to provide your child with their first steps toward discovering the joy of learning. Stonewall's program, age two through six, encourages children to become enthusiastic about school and to take pride in their accomplishments. Our classrooms are inviting, child-centered places filled with hands-on activities that develop academic skills, problem-solving strategies, and concentration.

Opportunities for independence start early. We sincerely believe our philosophy encourages each child to work toward a positive idea of themselves as individuals both socially and academically. We encourage each child to reach their mental, physical, and emotional potential through inquiry and exploration. Our program will provide your child with the social and academic enrichment necessary to build a solid foundation for his or her later formal education.

An important rule to remember: As we are responsible for your child once he or she enters the Center, please see to it that an adult accompanies them inside. Should someone other than the regularly scheduled person be picking up your child, written notification must be given. This rule is for everyone's protection!

This Website will explain our policies and procedures. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask! Again, we welcome you to Stonewall.

**Now accepting children 6 weeks to 12 years old. We now accept school age children in the Youth's Benefit area.**